We need to get people back to work by creating jobs that pay enough to raise a family and live in dignity and expanding economic opportunities for businesses to hire more people and ensure that workers have the tools not only to get by but to thrive. That means creating a scalable living wage and ensuring equal pay for equal work without exception.

Working Families

Covid-19 has affected all of us. As we continue to recover from the pandemic, we must ensure that our seniors and working families have access to affordable daily necessities like gas, groceries, and prescription medications. We must eliminate the gender pay gap that has chronically affected single mothers and especially women of color for generations, support paternity leaves for both parents, and address the ever-rising costs of child care that prevent many adults from rejoining the workforce.  

Voting Rights

The right to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy, and we must ensure all our citizens have that opportunity to vote in elections that are secure and accessible to all voters without harassment, intimidation, and interference.

Criminal Justice

As an experienced member of the law enforcement community, Ralph has a deep understanding of our criminal justice and corrections systems and the many flaws that keep our citizens in an endless loop fighting for equality. We need to overhaul this process to help provide a second chance for our citizens and ensure they can be productive members of our communities.

Safe Drinking Water

To invest in our future generations, we must first invest in what should be considered basic services; Access to clean and safe drinking water for all our citizens. The water crisis in Flint must never happen again. That’s why it is critical that we use Covid recovery funding to replace every lead pipe in the 13th District and across the state.

Union Strong

Strong unions build a strong middle class. That means a $15 minimum wage, an economy that works to create good-paying jobs, collective bargaining for employees, and expanding skilled trades education in our public schools.

Small Business
Investment and
Economic Development

As our economy continues to recover from the effects of Covid-19, we must ensure that entrepreneurs at every level have a fair shot at growing their business and helping to move SE Michigan forward economically. We can no longer have a business as usual approach to development in Greater Detroit. Funding sources for black and brown business investments must be prioritized in future growth.


There is no greater equalizer in our society than education. Without strong public education, our local communities will fall further behind in the race to innovate and shape our economic future. Oftentimes, access to quality education is afforded to more affluent communities, but for us all to succeed, we must have the resources to compete. Our kids, regardless of their zip code, must have access to early childhood programs, smaller class sizes, and a curriculum that will prepare them for higher education, skilled trades, and a place in the modern workforce.